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Why is Professional Photography so Important for your Business?

Social networks have given everyone a voice, a space and an opportunity to shine in a desperate life of recognition and distinction.

And to make it worse, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the marketing sector in brutal speed, giving everyone the chance to become their own content marketers, even without professional training to communicate and relate to their customers. With the advancement of the free and democratic digital space, both personal and professional brands began to offer a wildly excessive -and often unreliable- experience of social relationships. Everyone showed up and offered a solution to everything, driving busy experts and business owners through an emotional rollercoaster of pressure having to deal with their careers and suddenly with the inclusion of their businesses into the self-exposure digital era.

Fortunately, after two years of a lot of "YaraYaraYara", the experience of social media marketing has allowed us to observe the other changes that are shaking the market…and for the better!

Although we are experiencing this highly saturated media content in our lives both physical and digital, it is already possible to say that the success of strategies used to fine-tune the relationship between brand and audience occurs through the quality of experience in the communication process.

Brands need to understand that It is necessary to carry out an intentional communication that causes an immediate connection with their consumers. It is necessary that each person who comes into contact with the brand is faced with transformation-solutions given by us, but above all, from the experience of other happy consumers.

Aryadne Woodbridge I OC Photographer

But how can we do that?

Through a visual narrative first. Through your Image.

But how will my image connect me with my target audience?

The photos, videos and communication experience you create for your audience will cause an immediate identification with them, offering a solution to their challenge or need.

And how can we do that using photography?

With images that communicate WHO you are (about you images, bio videos, images of your service and of your personal Brand, your lifestyle, and your business) HOW you distinguished your area in the field you work in (testimonials, Articles, webinars, courses, credientials) and WHY you are there for them (your values, the things that give you meaning, what brings you joy in the world) in a pleasant, clear and consistent way.

Digital marketing today is marketing about you, otherwise known as Personal Branding. In conclusion, the more intentional, authentic, consistent and humanized your digital Image is, the more “Top of Mind” you will be to your ideal client. Furthermore, through this process identifying your target market and audience will be facilitated.

Professional Photography lives.

That's why the need to develop an IMAGE and PERSONAL BRAND STRATEGY with CLEAR, EFFECTIVE and above all GENUINE COMMUNICATION to keep you in YOUR market as the leader you and I know you are.

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