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Everyone has something special to bring into the world. Some people are good with technology, others, with science or music. But not everyone is seen as good as they really are. 

The reality is all of us have the power to establish who we are and what makes us unique in the world. And if this is important for your career or business, build the image you deserve to be recognized for!

At The Headshot House we offer image solutions for you to distinguish yourself from the crowd!


The image building process that I promote, takes you as far as a new personal brand strategy and positioning, the best styling crafted for you, and finally the exclusive photoshoot sessions based on previous consulting, which lead to a full digital presence makeover.


Consulting and Photoshoots are held, only by appointment, in the studio at Newport Beach, or at a location that best represents your branding needs.

Give me a call to know more about it. I will be delighted to meet you for a cup of  Brazilian coffee at The Headshot House


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