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Headshots & Portraits

Individual & Team Headshots are available.

On-location and in studio photoshoots at The Headshot House.

We work with all kinds of industries creating strong Brand Presences, either on-line or offline.  There are tons of ways you can effectively use your headshots and portraits. Here are just a few:  LinkedIn, Facebook, other social profiles,  and  marketing collateral, such as:  Newsletters, E-Books, Corporate Magazines , Websites or Blogs, Email profile pictures, and more.


Who is this For?

Executives, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals who want to update profile pictures on websites and social media pages.


A  corporate or an executive headshot is used to introduce an individual.  It is cropped from the shoulders up and is taken for official business use such as business cards, advertisements, auditions, identification badges, website profiles, social media profiles or as other means of identification.

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Whereas  a Portrait tells more of a story about the subject, which includes their business. They are usually cropped from the waist up or even full body in a specific environment.

what are the differences of

headshots or portraits?

 Portraits and Headshots can also differ in a few more ways:

  • Number of subjects

  • Mood

  • Environment

  • Creativity.



  • The sessions' fee covers your pre-shoot consultation, photo shoot session and an online gallery with all of the photos from the session available to download. 

  • We will shoot a variety of poses and facial expressions.  You can choose one of the following background color options:  White, Off-White, Light Gray, Dark Gray.

  • Multiple Wardrobe changes are available within the photoshoot time. Previews are generally viewed during the portrait session.

  • Delivery time: 7 days (rush turnaround available upon request. Extra fee might apply).


How many images are included?

  • Standard package: 6 Digitals: size 4x6. 72 DPI. (extra digitals are available upon request. Check the available editing packages).

  • Premium Package: 20 Digitals: size 4x6. 72 DPI. (extra digitals are available upon request. Check the available editing packages). Minimum package for Business Portraits on location sessions. 

  • Platinum Package: 50 Digitals: size 4x6. 72 DPI. 

What is not included?

  • Makeup and hair styling services can be provided for specific fees and with previous scheduling.

  • Photoshop Services that modify body parts will be charged  apart. 

  • Print products such as books, albums, photo prints, cards, frames will be charged separately.

  • Additional high resolution images may be purchased individually for a special rate.


Newport Beach Headshots, Newport Center headshots, Newport Beach Photographer

Jessica Stock
Legal Mediator

What an amazing experience from start to finish. Ary was absolutely fantastic. From the minute that I reached out to see if she would be a good fit for pictures for my new website I knew she was what I was looking for. We talked at length about my vision and she really prepared me for what I needed to do to to set me up for success. The day of the shoot was so much fun. Ary works with a makeup artist that I would highly recommend. I walked away with so many good pictures that it was hard to choose my final 4. I highly recommended the Headshot House and would absolutely use Ary again!

Newport Beach Headshots, Newport Center headshots, Newport Beach Photographer

Brian P. Dickinson
Plastic Surgeon

The Headshot House was amazing for helping me complete great photographs in a timely fashion! The staff are professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I needed to update photographs for my business as my previous photos were 15 years old. I was given helpful written instructions on how to prepare for my photo session. The session was easy, comfortable, and fun. The staff had my photos ready with a short turn around time. I highly recommend the Headshot House for any business who is looking for professional photographs for their educational or marketing material. I look forward to working with the Headshot House again in the future.

Newport Beach Headshots, Newport Center headshots, Newport Beach Photographer

John Stroh

Ary was a true professional (also engaging, friendly and fun). She used her years experience as a professional photographer to make the session enjoyable. She is also a perfectionist (making the best with what she had to work with). There were a significant number of photos taken, many with just minor posing adjustments to get just the right ones. I do a fair amount of PR and press interviews so having good headshots is very important to me. She could of rushed through the session and just settled for what she had, but she truly wanted to do the best for her client (me). I was very happy with the Headshots and highly recommend her to anyone looking for high quality photography.

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