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Perfect for entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and anyone who needs a variety of looks for multiple applications.

Our custom photography session allows for as many poses as possible within the time booked. Another difference from our studio mini session is that clients can, instead of taking their business portraits in the studio, choose another location.

Mobile setup and travel fee might apply.

The aim of a business portrait session is to capture portraits that convey a sense of professionalism, confidence, and approachability. We often use studio lighting and neutral backdrops to create a timeless and professional appearance. 




Need headshots or group portraits for a small team, the whole company, or even a big conference? Our group sessions are designed to be an efficient and cost-effective way to get high quality headshots of the whole team.

  • Discounted rates for groups of three or more

  • Studio and location sessions available

  • Perfect for company websites, conferences, bios, expos, internal use, directories, and marketing materials.

If you have three or more people, click below to request a custom detailed estimate for your exact needs.



Our express session for executive headshots takes place in our studio every Monday, from 9am to 2pm. Reservations are required. Please, call us to book your session slot.

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to elevate your business presence

Check our creative portrait sessions strategically tailored to fit brand messages:Double click to edit and add your own text.

An on-site portrait session involves taking portraits of the subject in a location other than a photography studio or indoor set.

This could be a location chosen by the subject, such as their home or a favourite park, or a location chosen by the photographer for its suitability for the type of portrait they wish to create.

This genre of business portrait photography  humanizes brands and helps customers see the product or service in a context that they can understand. Images can be used in a wide variety of marketing materials, from website banner ads and social media posts to print ads and email newsletters. 

These portraits aim to bring out the subject's personality, character or essence in a way that is different from traditional portraits. 


This could involve using unusual lighting techniques, unconventional angles, incorporating unexpected elements or props, or experimenting with post-processing methods to capture a distinct aesthetic or mood.

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