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Linkedin Headshots

Why a professional headshot? (as opposed to a snapshot or selfie)

If you’ve spent any time on #LinkedIn at all, you’ve probably seen it all when it comes to people’s profile photos. I’m sure you’ve seen a few really well-done professional portraits, but you’ve also seen blurry snapshots with an ex chopped out of the side. You’ve seen inappropriately “sexy” shots that would be better suited to an exotic dancer than an insurance agent. You’ve seen photos that clearly were taken 20 years ago. You’ve seen selfies taken from such a high angle that the person appears to have no neck and arms that are at least 12 feet long. You’ve seen over-edited photos with crazy-white teeth and no pores. And sadly, you’ve probably even seen photos with bunny ears, fake freckles, and big shiny eyes straight out of a snapchat nightmare.

So, if other people are using snapshots and selfies, why should you spend the money on a professional headshot? The answer is simple: You’re better than that, and you want prospective clients and employers to know that you’re better than that. You take your career seriously, and the fact that you’re willing to invest in a quality professional image shows that you are probably also investing in your education, career, and personal development. Your professional headshot gives your prospects an idea of how you will represent them and the care you will take in meeting their needs.

Hiring a professional to take your headshots is an investment in yourself and your career. Professionals, are just that - pros! They have the equipment and posing experience to bring out the best in you. They should also be able to digitally edit your photos to remove any small imperfections.



Our signature session for executive headshots takes place in our studio every Monday, from 9am to 2pm. Reservations are required. Please, call us to book your session slot.

  • Location: In our Studio only

  • One backdrop color (white, gray, beige, black, off white options)

  • One outfit (wardrobe/style/backdrop option)

  • Final retouched digitals: One

  • Complete Face retouching

    • Removal of facial shine

    • Stray hair

    • Skin blemishes

    • Whitening of teeth and eyes

    • Standard facial retouch

  • Headshot preparation & style guide

  • Professional coaching throughout session

  • Turnaround: same day

  • Duration: 25 min

  • mini session and group fee for more than 3 individuals: $250 ea

  • Exclusive one hour session: $350 for 4 images

Extra Image: $85 ea

Book your LinkedIn headshot Session here with us!

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