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Journalist, Creative Director and  

Professional Photographer

Reading and following the successful stories of heroes has always been part of my life. At 18, I went to university to learn to tell stories. I have a degree in Social Communication and worked for years as a corporate journalist in international companies.


At the age of 29, I moved from Brazil to the United States. With the challenges of immigration, I discovered in photography another way of telling stories. That was how I developed my ability to combine my journalistic training with my artistic technique.


It's been 13 years working full-time as a commercial photographer,  meeting with and always learning from the most talented Business People from all over the Globe, while positioning their Personal Brands. 

When I am assigned a photo shoot, I know that I was chosen because of my complete training in communication and photography, and also for the experience I offer my clients.


Let me show you a bit more about me!

In 2016 I founded the OC Brazil Business Club, a networking and empowering  series of events dedicated to unite and help Brazilian professionals and small business owners to grow their businesses in Orange County, CA.  The social club lasted 5 years with memorable in person events where thousands of Brazilians and Foreigners interested in doing business with our community had the chance to meet and mingle, introduce their opportunities and create several meanings of collaboration. 

The Covid -19 Pandemic shifted the in person event purpose and took the activities to the digital world where we have been since then. 

Meanwhile I continued to work as a Creative Content Strategist and Creator with my Image Building Agency, Collabore Brands LLC.  

In 2022, I opened my Creative space and Photography Studio in Newport Beach, CA, where I not only work but also share the space so other creatives build amazing projects.