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Our Portrait boutique studio specializes in making a difference in people’s first impression of our clients as we craft stunning online professional images. 

Our sessions are tailored to our clients' marketing needs. So if you need to update your website and social media images, we will schedule portrait and headshot sessions. But if you need a new brand image, we have a special service for you: A personal branding consulting.

The image building process that Aryadne Woodbridge promotes through her consulting, takes you as far as a new personal brand strategy and positioning, the best styles crafted for you, and finally the exclusive photoshoot sessions based on previous consulting, which lead to a full digital presence makeover. 

Consulting and Photoshoots are held, only by appointment, in the studio or at the location that best represents the client's branding needs.

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Our signature profile picture session at our Newport Beach studio. Mondays, from 9am to 2pm.

Reservations are required.


Please, click on the link below to book your session.




Need headshots or group portraits for a small team, the whole company, or even a big conference? Our group sessions are designed to be an efficient and cost-effective way to get high quality headshots of the whole team.

  • Discounted rates for groups of three or more

  • Studio and location sessions available

  • Perfect for company websites, conferences, bios, expos, internal use, directories, and marketing materials.

If you have three or more people, click below to request a custom detailed estimate for your exact needs.

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